Clothes Size Help

Setting the Tab Bar and General Use:

*Clothes Size defaults to the far left category on the tab bar when first opened. The categories can be easily changed to your preferred default. Customizing the tab bar is explained below.

*To update any and all category icons on the tab bar simply press the "More" button then the "Edit" button.

*Then, select the desired icon and drag it to the location you desire on the tab bar. It will replace the existing icon with the one you personally selected. When finished with the customized icon selection(s), press "Done".

*The size comparison information is easily selectable by choosing an icon from the list of categories or from the tab bar.

*After selecting the type of clothing you want, use your finger to slide the scale up or down to correspond to the appropriate size. Just read across the line to compare sizes from the different countries.

*Additional sizing information is available for the selected category by pressing the "i" in the lower-middle of the screen. The "About" box for the category will then open to reveal additional information.

Using the "ME" Category:

*The "ME" category allows you to store personal clothing size and measurement information for those individuals selected from your contacts list.

*The initial use of the "ME" category requests you to select a person from your contacts list. Adding and deleting people to your Clothes Size list is easily accomplish by either pressing the "+" or "Edit" buttons, respectively. As more people are added to the Clothes Size list, a green dot will indicate the active person.

*After adding the person/people in your Clothes Size list, select the name to input personalized clothes sizes, measurements, and notes in the "Info" screen. The "Info" screen reveals the active person's name, photo (if available), last update, country selection and email option. In addition three sections are available for inputs: Clothing Sizes, Other Measurements, and Notes.

*The country relevant for this person can be highlighted at the top of the "Info" screen. The country selection at this time, affects the bra and ring size pickers. The other entries are manual inputs for clothing sizes, measurements, and notes.

*The Clothing Sizes section provides input areas for a variety of clothing types. Just select a category and type in the clothing size relevant for the activated person.

*The Other Measurements section provides input areas for various measurements used in fitting clothing. Similarly, select a category and type in measurement data.

*The Notes section is provided to add miscellaneous and additional information.

*The "Edit" function can be used to delete and add categories from each section. In addition the "Edit" function can be used to reorder the selections in the priority important to the user.

*After inputting sizing data, an important option of emailing the information is available. Press the email icon at the topmost right corner to send the data via email to anyone in your contacts list!

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