Release History

- Includes letter sizing for women's categories: blouses, dresses, and pants
- Women's blouse sizing changed to the more common "Misses" sizing method.
- Updates to the "About" write ups

v 1.5
- Added hat sizes
- Fixed layout overlap in the "ME" section

v 1.4
- Added Australian sizes
- Updates to graphics for comparison categories and country header
- Improvements in speed in "ME" section
- Remembers last position in each category

v 1.3
- Added Italian sizes
- Updates for 3.0 compatibility

v 1.2
- Track personal clothing sizes and measurements with the new "ME" category.
- Added Canadian sizes
- Email your sizes, measurements, and notes.

v 1.1
- Available now in English, German, Dutch, and Danish translations.

v 1.0
- Initial Release

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